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Skyways Lahore Ticket fares and Contact details 2024

Skyways Lahore Ticket fares and Contact details 2024 are mentioned below with full detail. Skyways is the most prominent transport company and customers first choice in Pakistan due to the amenities it provides for their  passengers.In the busiest city of Lahore, where people travel to see the tourist destination of Lahore, there is a basic need for transport in Lahore. To overcome this need, Skyways has introduced their services in Lahore.

Skyways Lahore Terminal plays a vital role in connecting Lahore with many cities due to its strategic location. If you are looking for their terminal contact number and location, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with their terminal location along with their contact number, which will help you get information related to your travel. So let’s delve into the details.


Skyways Lahore was founded in 1990; since then, they have been listed at the top of the transport industry. From that time on, Skyways Lahore filled the gap in transportation and fulfilled the need for transportation for the tourists and residents of Lahore, and with the passage of time, they evolved and adopted changes in their company, adopting new changes like modern buses,lounge services,cargo services, etc. for their adaptation of luxuries. With time, they are listed at the top of the transport industry in Pakistan.

Skyways Lahore terminal location and contact number

Skyways Lahore terminal is located at the centre of Lahore, where they can touch with Metroway and also directly connect with GT Road. Due to their location, they operate easy arrivals and departures from their terminal just like faisal movers. The following are the location and terminal address of Lahore. You can use their contact information to get information related to your travel.

Terminal Address Skyways Terminal Band Road, Lahore
UAN: 111-555-567
Phone/Contact Number: 111-555-567

Routes operated by Skyways from Lahore terminal:

Skyways bus services for their customer’s comfortability operate in small towns so that their passengers can easily reach their homes without any hurdle or difficulty. The following are the major or popular routes operated by this company.

From to From to From to From to
Lahore to Murree


Lahore to Rawalpindi


Lahore to Karachi


Lahore to Multan
Lahore to Peshawar Lahore to Sargodha  Lahore to Sialkot


Lahore to Khanewal
Lahore to Peshawar


Lahore to Sukkur


Lahore to Faisalabad


Lahore to Bahawalpur


Skyways Lahore ticket fares

Lahore to Islamabad ticket price Rs. 1560/-
Pindi Ticket Price Rs. 1570/-
Murree Ticket Price Rs. 2150/-
Lahore-to-Attock Ticket Price Rs. 1940/-
Peshawar Ticket Price Rs. 2140/-
Lahore to Abbottabad ticket price Rs. 2440/-
Lahore to Mansehra ticket price Rs. 2570/-
Lahore to Thakot ticket price Rs. 2770/-
Lahore to Battgram Ticket Price Rs. 2750/-
Lahore to Muzaffarabad Ticket Price Rs. 2750/-
Faisalabad ticket price Rs. 970/-
Lahore to Mamu Kanjan ticket price Rs. 880/-
Lahore to Sumandri ticket price Rs. 760/-
Lahore to Mureedwala ticket price Rs. 870/-
Lahore to Jhung ticket price Rs. 1260/-
Lahore to Joharabad/Khushab ticket price Rs. 1270/-
Lahore to Sargodha ticket price Rs. 980/-
Lahore to Kot Shakir ticket price Rs. 1570/-
Khanewal ticket price Rs. 1570/-
Lahore to Luck Mord Ticket Price Rs. 1270/-
Lahore to Shahpur Saddar ticket price Rs. 1180/-
Lahore to Sadiqabad ticket price Rs. 2380/-
Lahore to Quetta ticket price Rs. 3580/-
Bahawalpur ticket price Rs. 1850/-
Lahore to Alipur ticket price Rs. 1890/-
Lahore to Hasilpur ticket price Rs. 1580/-
Lahore to Vehari ticket price Rs. 1480/-
Lahore to Chichawatni ticket price Rs. 1080/-
Karachi ticket price Rs. 5070/-
Sukkur ticket price Rs. 3580/-
Lahore to Multan ticket price Rs. 1690/-
Lahore to Chiniot ticket price Rs. 780/-
Lahore to Chinab Nagar ticket price Rs. 860/-

Services available at Skyways Lahore Terminal

Ticket booking service

At Skyways Lahore terminal, ticket booking services are available. You have to reach the terminal and find the ticket booking counter, and our team member will guide you in ticket booking according to your preferred date and time.

Skyways Lahore Ticket fares

Lounge service

Skyways has introduced for their business-class travellers lounge services for their comfort so that they can rest before departure and enjoy canteen services. Complementary tea will be offered in the lounge for business-class travellers.

Information desk

At the terminal, there is also an information desk, so you can ask your questions to them, and they will do their best to solve your questions.

Cab services

Cab services are also available at Skyways Lahore Terminal. You can book your ride from your home to the terminal, or you can book your ride from the terminal to your home.

Why do we choose Skyways?

There are many reasons that force you to choose Skyways as your travel company. The following are the main reasons to choose Skyways.

  • Affordable ticket price
  • Lounge service
  • Modern buses
  • Operates small towns
  • Professional staff
  • Cab services
  • Discount offers
  • Online ticket booking services

  • Neat and clean buses and lounges
  • Luxury services

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These are some of the main services offered by the Skyways company that will attract you to select Skyways for travel.


Skyways introduced their transport services in 1990, and since then they have been listed among the top transport companies due to their adaptation of luxuries. With time, they have become customers first choice in transport. Skyways has introduced many luxuries so that their customers can travel with comfort and ease in their luxury modern bus. There is also a message and entertainment option so that their passengers do not get tired while travelling. If we conclude all the discussion, we will conclude that Skyways is the best company for travelling in Pakistan