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Introducing Faisal Movers Business Class For Customers

Introducing Faisal Movers Business Class For Customers to travel more reliable. If you are a person who travels a lot because of their work, then you must know the importance of business class. When you reach your destination, feel refreshed and ready to do your work. For business class, Faisal movers has introduced new buses that are comfortable and have a luxury look and facilities. You will enjoy a lot of facilities like extra leg space, lounge services, meals, etc. In this article, we will discuss the business class of Faisal movers and also explain how to book their tickets online.

Faisal Movers Business Class luxury travel experience

Many people listen to business class words while travelling by airline, but Faisal Movers for their customers has recently introduced all these business class services in their buses. Their business class is the sign of luxuries, and they are promising their passengers that their business class will set a new experience in their travel life. Faisal movers business class has introduced to give their customers ease during travel because of the luxuries seats and many other amenities that are introduced by the Faisal movers for their customers.

What is Faisal Movers business class?

The business class that is introduced by the Faisal movers is the most luxurious and one of the travel categories that has been introduced by the Faisal movers. You can feel like a VIP because of the services that they have introduced for their customers. You will experience the following services or amenities while travelling with Faisal Movers Business Class.

Organised ticket booking area:

For our customers ease and to improve our standard, we have introduced a clean and organised ticket booking area where you can book your ticket without any problem. Our staff will also assist you in everything related to your travel.

Faisal Movers Business Class
Faisal Movers Business Class

Luxurious waiting lounge

Your journey starts before you step into the bus when you come to our terminal and sit in the travel lounge. Faisal Movers has introduced separate lounges for business class and other classes. Our business class lounge will only be accessible to business ticket holders. Our business lounge offers restroom facilities, an air-conditioned environment,free WiFi, and an LED screen for entertainment. We also offer complementary tea and coffee for our business class passengers to ensure they are relaxed and feel comfortable before travelling. Also see faisal movers bus timings here

Faisal Movers Business Class VIP boarding services

We have taken boarding services to the next level and made you feel like a VIP. When you enter your bus, a friendly and professional bus hostess will greet you and guide you to your seats. This personalized welcome will give you a VIP feel. Our hostess will ensure that you are comfortable before departure and will assist you throughout the journey. If customers want to check faisal movers contact numbers they can check anytime.

Luxuries and comfortable seats

Business classes seats of Faisal Mover are 2 by 1 spaces; the seats are comfortable, having a more comfortable massage option and extra leg space. The seats are designed in such a way that they support your back; for your shoulders, there is an arm rest; and the seats will also support your neck to ensure your journey is comfortable. For the inner environment of the bus, we have installed air conditioning and a winter heating system that will provide you with an optimum temperature that will give you a comfortable ride.


Long journey rides are more tiring if there is no entertainment available. To overcome this problem, Faisal Movers has installed Android tablets for their passengers that have many entertainment options like movies, games, and songs, as well as Islamic channels.


For refreshment, we provide different snacks along with juice,cold drinks, and tea that will keep you energized throughout the journey, and for long-distance travellers, we have introduced dinner, lunch, and breakfast options in all your travel classes.

How to book a Faisal Movers business class ticket

For online ticket booking with Faisal Movers, follow the steps that will guide you in your ticket booking.

  1. Visit the website where you can access all the information about our tickets.
  2. Click on the bus section, which is given in the menu.
  3. After this, you will reach the interface, where you can click on the Faisal Movers.
  4. And you will see that all the ticket information is available on this page.
  5. Click on the business class by applying the filter.
  6. Choose the bus according to your date and desired time.
  7. For the payment, login to the website and provide all the necessary details of your payment.
  8. After completing payment details, all your tickets will be confirmed.

Ticket prices for Faisal Movers business class

If you hear the word business class and think of having too much, that will be out of your budget. For this problem, Faisal Movers has introduced affordable prices for business-class services that you will be amazed at and that can easily fit into your budget. The ticket prices for different routes are as follows:

Multan to Islamabad ticket price: Rs. 3,330

Lahore to Karachi ticket price: Rs. 7,320

Lahore to Rawalpindi ticket price: Rs. 2,610

Lahore to Faisalabad ticket price: Rs. 1,190

Lahore to Multan ticket price: Rs. 2,250

Karachi to Islamabad ticket price: Rs. 7,920


Faisal movers has contributed many remarkable services in the history of the transport industry, offering an untouchable and luxury facility that is un compatible. From ticket areas to VIP travel seats in buses, they offer many amenities that you can’t find in any other bus service.

If we talk about the ticket prices, which are slightly higher than any other class, if you experience the facilities that they offer to their customers, you will appreciate them. So, we encourage you to plan your trip with Faisal Movers bus services business and experience the facilities that we offer to our passengers. We are also punctual, so you can also plan your trip according to your time. You will never be late to do your next work if you travel with Faisal Movers. Thank you