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Waraich Express Karachi

Waraich Express Karachi Terminal contact updated 2024

Waraich Express Karachi Terminal contact updated and now new number is 0348-111-55-95 and Karachi is the most populated city and the economic hub of Pakistan, where people seek reliable transport to travel to other cities in Pakistan for their business and tours. Having reliable transportation services is a blessing for the residents of Karachi.

Waraich Express is one of the most prominent bus companies, known for providing their best services to their passengers so that they can comfortably reach their destination. Those who want to travel with Warachi Express from Karachi and are looking for their terminal contact number, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with a contact number along with a terminal address. That will be helpful for you to get information related to your journey.

Waraich express overview:

Waraich Express is listed at the top of the Pakistani transport industry because they are committed to excellence and have gained their reputation just like faisal movers. By providing the best customer service to satisfy their customers. Waraich Express provided both transportation and cargo services so that their passengers could send luggage and expensive items to a trusted travel company.

Karachi terminal location

Waraich Express Karachi terminals are located in the center of the city. Strategically located at the location where they connect Karachi with other cities, it also helps in easy departure and arrival without any delay. Below is a map of the Karachi terminal location.

Waraich Express Karachi Terminal LocationPlot No. 452, 3 Business Recorder Rd., Patel Para Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Terminal phone number

Warachi Express Company has allotted each and every terminal an official contact number so that their passengers can easily call them and get the information they want. Below is the Waraich Express official contact number.


By calling Waraich Express, you can reserve your ticket, bus schedule, address, or if you have any type of query, you can call and your team will quickly respond to you.

Services offered by Waraich Express

Waraich Express offered a variety of services to their customers for their satisfaction, so they could comfortably travel to their destination. The following are the services offered by the Waraich Express Company:.

  • Passenger Transportation

Passenger transportation is one of the main services offered by the Waraich Express. They have a variety of buses with different luxury options. Their buses are equipped with luxury amenities like air conditioning,  entertainment,  etc. All these luxury services help you have a comfortable journey.

  • Cargo transport

Waraich Express has also offered cargo transport service so that their passengers or customers can easily send their luggage to their destination without any type of damage. You can send your electric items also by Waraich Express cargo service. Whether your parcel is small or large, you can send it to your destination by using the Warsaw Express Cargo Service, and our company will safely send it to your destination.

  • Booking and reservations

You can call the Warsaw Express Terminal for booking and reservation of your tickets. Customers can easily book your tickets by calling our official contact number, and our team will guide you through your ticket booking. or if you want to book your ticket physically, just reach the nearest terminal, find the ticket booking office, and then our terminal staff will provide you with a guide related to your ticket booking.

  1. Customer support

You can call our terminal contact number if you have any type of query. Customer can just ask your customer care agent, and they will guide you through everything.

You can also contact us for lost and found services. If you have found or lost anything, you can contact our terminal staff, who will help you find it.

  1. Modern buses

Waraich Express for their passengers has introduced modern buses with many luxury options so that their passengers can easily travel to their destination. They have introduced the message seats option in their buses, and for entertainment, they have introduced tablets in front of your seats so that you can enjoy your journey.

Trained staff

For passenger handling, they have introduced trained staff that can professionally handle all the queries of their passengers. Their staff is welcoming. When you are going for departure, the bus hostess will welcome you and assist you throughout the journey if you need it.

Low fares

Waraich Express for their passengers has introduced low fares so that their passengers can travel within their budget. Their ticket fares can vary from city to city, and they have different types of travel categories of buses; their fares can also vary.

Ticket fares for Waraich Express

RouteEconomyExecutiveGold Class
Karachi: Swat (Mingora)NILL3870NILL
Karachi, Khan BelaNILL1880NILL


How much time will it take to reach Kamaliya from Lahore with the Waraich Express?

It will take 2 hours 55 minutes to travel from Lahore to Kamaliya.

What is the ticket fare for the Waraich Express from Islambad to Kamaliya?

The ticket fare from Islamabad to Kamaliya is 1260 RS.

Is Waraich Express offering refreshments during travel?

Yes, Waraich Express offers refreshments during travel.


Waraich Express is one of the most prominent transport companies in Pakistan that is known for their best customer service. They have introduced many luxury services for their passengers so that they can travel within their budget. If we conclude all of the above information, we will conclude that Waraich Express is one of the best transport companies in Pakistan.

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