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Kainat travels Ticket Rate with routes and timing in 2024

Kainat travels Ticket Rate with routes and timing in 2024 is updated and every detail is mentioned below. Do you want to travel and are wondering how to find a competitive bus service for your journey that will make your journey comfortable and also very low in ticket fares? Kainat Travels is the best option for you.

Kainat Travels is listed among the most famous transport companies in Pakistan that make your journey comfortable at very low ticket fares with their services. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information that will give you information about Kainat Express to choose them for your travel. We will provide you with all the necessary information about their fares, services, routes, etc., so let’s delve into the details.

Kainat Travels Overview

Kainat Travels is a top-notch travel company in Pakistan that has earned a reputation in the transport industry of Pakistan by providing the best transport services and customer services in Pakistan. They have been operating their transport company since 1995, and due to their value-for-money services, they are passengers first choice in Pakistan. They have more than 150 buses that are luxurious and equipped with modern equipment.

Kainat Express has introduced many luxury services for its passengers. If we talk about their buses, they are luxury buses equipped with modern equipment like message seats, and for entertainment, they have introduced tablets in front of seats so you can enjoy your journey while listening to songs, movies, and Islamic lectures.

Here is some basic information about Kainat travels.

Founded in 1995
Owner name Qasim Malik
Buses 150+
Terminals 8
Cities covered 8

Top operating routes of Kainat Travel

Kainat Travel operates many routes in Pakistan so that passengers can easily reach their homes without changing many buses. Following are some of the main routes that are operated by Kainat Travels.

  1. Rawalpindi
  2. Karachi
  3. Multan
  4. Bahawalpur
  5. Balkasar
  6. Faisalabad
  7. Hyderabad
  8. Larkana
  9. Sukkur
  10. Fortabbas
  11. Arifwala
  12. Sahiwal
  13. Haroonabad

Kainat travels Ticket Rate

Kainat Express has introduced budget-friendly ticket fares so that passengers can travel within their budget to get luxury services by company to their passengers. Following are some of the fares of the main routes in Pakistan.

From To Executive class Business class
Karachi Multan 2960 3970
Karachi Faisalabad 5150 6470
Karachi Balkasar 5450 74060
Karachi Rawalpindi 5450 7460
Karachi Talagang N/A N/A
Karachi Rikhi N/A N/A
Karachi Danda Sha N/A N/A
Faisalabad Moro N?A N/A
Faisalabad Hyderabad 5760 N/A
Faisalabad Sukkur 3940 N/A
Faisalabad Rawalpindi 1570 1670
Faisalabad Karachi 6050 NILL
Hyderabad Multan NILL NILL
Hyderabad Faisalabad NILL NILL
Hyderabad Rawalpindi NILL 7080
Hyderabad Mianwali N/A 5470
Hyderabad Talagang N/A N/A
Hyderabad Balkasar NILL 80030
Balkasar Sukkur 4450 5820
Balkasar Moro 5040 6520
Balkasar Hyderabad 6150 8030
Balkasar Karachi 6050 8040
Mianwali Sukkur N/A N/A
Mianwali Moro N/A N/A
Mianwali Hyderabad N/A N/A
Mianwali Karachi N/A N/A
Multan Moro NILL NILL
Multan Hyderabad NILL NILL
Multan Karachi 3850 5570
Rawalpindi Sukkur 4440 5850
Rawalpindi Moro 6470 6450
Rawalpindi Hyderabad 7650 7640
Rawalpindi Faisalabad 1570 NILL
Rawalpindi Karachi 8050 8040
Sukkur Multan NILL NILL
Sukkur Faisalabad NILL NILL
Sukkur Rawalpindi NILL NILL
Sukkur Mianwali N/A N/A
Sukkur Talagang N/A N/A
Sukkur Balkasar NILL NILL
Kainat travels Ticket Rate
Kainat travels Ticket Rate

Kainat travels routes and timing

Routes First Departure Last Departure Travel Duration
Karachi-Multan 12:05 AM 11:45 PM 11 Hours
Karachi-Islamabad/RWP 5:05 AM 02:00 AM 16 Hours, 15 Minutes
Faisalabad-Moro 10:10 AM 11:00 PM 09 Hours, 20 Minutes
Balkasar-Sukkur 10:05 AM 12:00 AM 09 Hours, 30 Minutes
Sukkur -Faisalabad 5:10 AM 02:00 AM 07 hours, 20 minutes

Services offered by Kainat Travels

Kainat Travels tries their best to provide all the necessary services to their passengers impressed by faisal movers so that their journey becomes very easy and comfortable. The following are some of the main services offered by Kainat Travels to their passengers.

  • Affordable tickets
  • Luxury buses
  • Refreshments
  • Meals
  • Luxury seats
  • Online ticket booking services
  • Group discounts
  • Professional staff
  • Professional drivers
  • Lounge services
  • Neat and clean buses
  • Canteens
  • Complementary tea

These are some of the services that are offered by Kainat Travels to their passengers for their comfortable journeys.

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How to book and check Kainat travels Ticket Rate online

Kainat Travel, for their passengers ease and comfort, has introduced online ticket booking services so that they can easily book their tickets from their home without coming to their terminal. The following are the methods used to book Kainat Travels online ticket booking services:

  • Open the website, and there you will see the bus option.
  • Click on the bus option, and there you will see their ticket fares and also their bus schedule.
  • Click on your ticket according to your selected time and pay the ticket price online.
  • After payment, you will receive a ticket confirmation message on your phone.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is the ticket fare for the Kainat Express from Karachi to Rawalpindi?

The ticket fare from Karachi to Rawalpindi is 7460 Rs.

How much time will it take to travel from Karachi to Rawalpindi?

It will take approximately 17 hours to travel from Karachi to Rawalpindi.

Is Kainat Travels offering refreshment and meals on long travel routes?

Yes, a one-time meal and refreshment are offered by Kainat Travels.

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Kainat Express is listed among the top-notch travel companies in Pakistan that operate their travel services in Pakistan. They have been operating since 1995, and due to their services, they have become customers first choice to travel within  Pakistan. Kainat Travel has introduced luxury buses for their passengers so that they can travel comfortably and feel at home. The buses are equipped with luxury services like comfortable seats with message options, and for entertainment, they have introduced tablets in front of every seat.

Kainat Express has tried their best to introduce each and every luxury. They have also introduced online ticket booking services that passengers can use to book their tickets from home, which will save them time and energy. Hence, they have introduced luxury services in every low-ticket fare, so we will conclude that Kainat Travels is the best transport company to travel within Pakistan.