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Bilal Travels Lahore Online Booking and Ticket Rates Updated 2024

Bilal Travels Lahore Online Booking and Ticket Rates Updated 2024 by contacting on number (042) 111 287 444. If you want to travel with Bilal Travels from their Lahore terminal and are looking for their terminal details and contact number, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will give you all the necessary information about Bilal Travels, their Lahore terminal address, and official contact information that will help you in your travels to get information to book tickets and to solve your queries. So let’s delve into the details.

Bilal Travels overview

Bilal travellers are listed at the top of the list of transport companies in Pakistan due to their services and customer satisfaction. They have been providing their services since 1992, and from that time on, they have become the customers first choice because they try their best to satisfy their passengers by providing them all the necessary amenities that are required for comfortable travel.

They have introduced their new bus with a need for passengers that have many luxury options, like comfortable seats and AC/heater, and their buses are of different travel categories that a person can choose according to their budget. Their fares are also very low as compared to other companies in Pakistan, even their economy class, which is more affordable than other company like faisal movers economy class and more luxurious than other companies business class.

Terminals of bilal travels 20
Cities covered by bilal travel 30
Buses 200+

Bilal travels to Lahore. Contact number and address

Each and every terminal of Bilal Travel has its own contact number that a passenger can use to contact the company to get all the necessary information related to their journey, and they can also book their ticket by calling the terminal contact number. following the terminal contact number and address.

Contact number (042) 111 287 444
Address F69F+4WF, Jinnah Terminal Rd., Gopi Rai, Lahore, Punjab

Bilal travels ticket price from Lahore to other cities

Bilal Travels tries their best to provide their passengers with their services at a very low price so that they can travel within their budget. The following are the fares for Bilal travel.

Route Luxury Premium
Lahore-Faisalabad 860 900
Lahore-Islamabad 1450 1750
Lahore-Muzaffargarh 1450 Nil
Lahore-Multan 1550 Nil
Lahore-Sialkot 820 Nil
Sialkot-Muzaffargarh 3280 Nil
Dera Ghazi Khan-Sialkot 3580 Nil
Multan-Sialkot 2870 Nil

Bilal travel schedule for major cities in Pakistan

Bilal Travels has introduced their departure and arrival schedules so that their passengers can easily get their tickets according to their preferred time and reach them before departure.

Routes First Departure Last Departure Travel Duration
Lahore to Multan 01:10 AM 11:50 PM 5 Hours
Lahore to Muzaffargarh 5:10 AM 02:50 AM 04 Hours 40 Minutes
Lahore to Sialkot 05:10 AM 11:10 PM 03 Hours, 20 Minutes
Lahore to Kot Addu 10:20 AM 12:50 AM 05 Hours, 15 Minutes
Sialkot to Dera Ghazi Khan 5:10 AM 02:50 AM 06 hours 20 minutes

Service offered by Bilal Travels at Lahore Terminal

Bilal Travel has introduced each and every service for their passengers that is necessary for their travel. They provide all the amenities that are necessary for comfortable travel. Following are some of the main services offered by Bilal Travels at Lahore Terminal for their passengers.

Lounge service

Bilal Travels has introduced lounge service at Lahore terminal so that their passengers can rest and wait for their departure. Their lounges are neat and clean, which gives you peaceful vibes and gives you energy for your journey.

Canteen service

Bilal travels for their passengers and has also introduced canteen service for their refreshment. Items in their canteen are very cheap, so their passengers can easily purchase them.

Bilal Travels Lahore

Luggage-carrying service

Luggage carrying is another service offered by Bilal Travels for their passengers. Those who cannot carry their luggage by themselves at the terminal can take their luggage to the bus.

Cab service

Bilal Travels has also introduced a cab service for their passengers, so a passenger can book a cab from the terminal to their home or home to the terminal for very low fares.

Ticket booking service

You can also book your ticket by going physically to the terminal at Bilal Travels Lahore. You can get a ticket booking office there and book your ticket according to your preferred date and time.

Information desk

Information desks are also present at Bilal Travels Lahore terminal so that their passengers can take all the necessary information, like departure and arrival, and also ask their queries.

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Availability of buses for major cities

Bilal Travels for their passengers has introduced the bus service to all the major routes from Lahore so that their passengers can reach directly to their city without changing buses.

How to book a Bilal Travels online ticket

Bilal Travel has introduced an online ticket booking service so that their passengers can book tickets without coming physically to their terminal with simple steps.

Booking an online ticket for Bilal Travels is very easy, even if you do not know much about using the internet. You can also book your ticket by following the simple steps that are given below.

  • Open the website bookkaru.com or sastaticket.pk.
  • When you open the website, you will see many transport companies. Click on Bilal Travels.
  • After that, click on the ticket booking option and fill in the information that is required.
  • After putting in the information, you can get the payment option. After payment, you will get a ticket confirmation message on your phone.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Bilal Travels offering refreshments during travel?

Yes, Bilal Travel offers refreshment during travel.

What is the ticket price from Lahore to Islamabad?

The ticket price from Lahore to Islamabad is 1450 RS.

Does Bilal Travel offer WiFi service?

Yes, they have installed WiFi service in their buses.


Bilal Travels is a top-notch company in Pakistan that has been offering its travel services since 1990. From that time on, they have become customers first choice. Bilal Travel is listed at the top because of the luxury amenities that they provide to their passengers and the low ticket fares that are very budget-friendly. That is why Bilal Travel is customers first choice in Pakistan. Hop you customers will enjoy this bus service.