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Faisal Movers swat Ticket rate and Address

Faisal Movers swat Ticket rate is 2270 and number is 111-22-44-88 and available by 24/7. In the valley of Swat, where lush greenery and trees cover mountains and beautiful weather welcomes tourists with an open heart, Faisal Movers in Swat stand as a reliable means of transportation for the residents and tourists of Swat. They have introduced their transport services in Swat so that travellers can travel from or to Swat with comfort by using their luxuries.

If you are a traveler and are travelling from Swat Terminal and looking for faisal movers Swat Terminal official contact number, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with the contact number along with other necessary details that will help you in your travel journey.

Faisal Movers Swat Terminal Contact Number, Address and Help Line

Faisal movers have given their official numbers to their customers so that they can call on them and get all the necessary information related to their travel from SWAT. To make travel inquiries, arrange travel journeys, and check bus schedules, they have provided their contact number to their customers, and the customers, by dialling their contact number directly connected to the terminal staff, will get information they want.

Following are the contact number and terminal address of fasial Movers Swat Terminal.

Address of the Terminal Qambar Bypass, Mingora Swat, KhwazaKhela Swat
Helpline Number 0343-0224488
UAN 111-22-44-88
Faisal Movers Swat Terminal Contact Number
Faisal Movers Swat Terminal Contact Number

Faisal movers services importance in SWAT

Swat, the most beautiful place in Pakistan, also known as “Switzerland of Pakistan,” attracts tourists with its beautiful views, environment, mountains,mountains and clear river. All these beauties attract tourists towards Swat, and the tourists for travel need a reliable and convenient transport service so that they can travel to their destination very comfortably at very low ticket fares.

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Faisal Movers has introduced their transport services in Swat so that tourists and residents of Swat can travel very easily to their destinations. They have introduced all the luxury services that their passengers need during travel. They have also introduced different travel categories so that customers can choose them according to their budget and comfort.

Innovation for customers

Faisal movers for their passengers are trying their best from day one to improve their experience. They have introduced many things to improve their experience. Now they have developed a mobile app from which their customers can get information related to their travel. They can get ticket information, book their ticket, and also check bus schedules. They will also get a chat option where they can register, complain, and also give feedback on their journey.

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They have also introduced an SMS system so that they can give updates to their passengers related to their journey.

Services available at SWAT Terminal

Faisal movers for their customers have introduced all necessary luxury services for their passengers so that they can travel very comfortably. For their customers, they have introduced the following services at SWAT Terminal:

  • Lounge services
  • Buses with different travel categories
  • Canteen services
  • Cab service
  • Luggage-carrying service
  • Cargo service

These are some of the main services they have introduced at SWAT Terminal so that their passengers can travel without any hassle.

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FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is the official contact number of faisal Movers SWAT Terminal?

The official contact number of faisal movers SWAT Terminal is 0343-0224488.

Can I book my ticket by using the contact number of SWAT Terminal?

Yes, you can reserve your ticket by calling SWAT Terminal.

How much time will it take to reach from Islamabad to Swat?

It will take approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes to reach from Islamabad to Swat.