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Faisal Movers Gilgit Ticket fare and Bus Timing

Faisal Movers Gilgit Ticket fare and Bus Timing is mentioned the ticket price is 6450 Rs and time is according to the seclude. In the beautiful city of Gilgit, where in winters there is snow-covered mountain and city old culture captures tourist attraction for the promotion of tourism, there is a need for reliable transport in the region of Gilgit.

Faisal Movers has started their transport services in Gilgit for the residents and tourists of Gilgit. For those travellers who are travelling from Gilgit and looking for a Gilgit terminal contact number, you are at the right place. faisal Movers has provided every terminal with an official contact number, which helps you connect with them. In this article, we will provide you with their official contact number along with their terminal address.

Faisal Movers Gilgit Terminal contact and address

Address of the Terminal Near Natco Bus Terminal, Gilgit
Helpline Number 0343-0224488
UAN 111-22-44-88
Faisal Movers Gilgit Ticket fare and Bus Timing
Faisal Movers Gilgit Ticket fare and Bus Timing

Why faisal Movers?

Faisal movers has provided so many customer services for their ease so that they can travel easily without any problem. The following are the reasons that force you to choose faisal Movers for travel:

  • Stable journey: Faisal movers have introduced luxury services for their passengers so that they can travel very comfortably and enjoy their journey.
  • Cheap ticket fares: Faisal movers for their passengers have introduced low-ticket fares so they can travel within their budget.
  • Best network: Familiar movers have expanded their transport network so that their passengers can easily get transport service in their city.
  • Punctuality: Faisal movers are known for their customer service and punctuality. They are very punctual because they know the value of time and will arrive on time at your destination.
  • Faisal Movers has introduced luxury amenities for their customers’ comfort, such as buses with different travel categories, online services, lounge services, and so on.

Online service for faisal Movers customers

For their customers ease, they have introduced online services so that they can easily get information for their  travels. They have introduced online ticket booking services so that their customers can book their tickets by following the following steps:.

  • Open their ticket booking website
  • There, you will see a bus option. Click on them. After clicking on them, you will reach the interface where you will see all the travel company options.
  • Click on the faisal Movers, and after clicking, you will see their tickets.
  • You can choose tickets according to your preferred date and time.
  • For the payments, you can sign in or login to the website and select the payment option that suits you.

Faisal movers luggage carrying policy

Faisal movers, like other transport services, have introduced a luggage-carrying policy for their passengers. The following is the luggage-carrying policy introduced by faisal Movers.

  • 20 kg of luggage is allowed on 1 ticket, and you can also carry your handbag.
  • Passengers who carry more than 20 kg of luggage will have to pay an extra charge for each kg.
  • If you want to cargo your bikes,electric items, or other things, charges will be applied as per kg. For this information, contact your nearest terminal.

See Top terminal at: https://faisalmover.com.pk/faisal-mover-lahore/


Faisal Movers Transport Company is the passengers first choice in Pakistan when they hear about travelling because of their services and luxuries. They have introduced all the services that are necessary for their passengers travelling.

If we talk about their Cab service, which they have introduced for their passengers so that they can travel from the terminal to their home, or if they want a cab from their home to the terminal, they will also arrange it for you. Hence, it is concluded that freight movers are the rulling king of the transport industry in Pakistan.