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Faisal Movers Peshawar Tickets, Fares, contact and Booking,

Faisal Movers Peshawar Tickets, Fares, contact and Booking and can be gain by contacting 091-111-22-44-88 Travelling all over Pakistan in 2024 will become very easy because of faisal movers. Due to their commitment to excellence and customer service, they have become Pakistan’s No. 1 travel company.

Those people who are travelling from Peshawar and wanted faisal movers Peshawar terminal contact number so that they could up-to-date with the information they needed for travel, like bus schedules, ticket information,cargo information, and other services. If you are looking for a Peshawar terminal contact number, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with their contact number along with their terminal address and other necessary information that will help you a lot.

Faisal Mover Peshawar Contact number and address

Address of the Terminal Al-Madina Coach Terminal, G.T. Road, Peshawar
Helpline Number 0315-8222092
UAN 091-111-22-44-88

Faisal Movers: A brief Overview

Faisal Movers is the top leading company in Pakistan. They are at the top because of their customer service and their owner’s management strategies. They started their transport services in 2004 with only one bus on the Multan-Sarghoda route. Due to their strategies and customer service, they are now ruling the transport industry.

Peshawar Terminal: Gateway to the North of Pakistan

Peshawar terminal serves as the gateway to the north of Pakistan because of their location; they are at the place where they connect various of the main cities of Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa. Due to their position, they are more convenient for their customers to travel to the various cities of Pakistan.

Services for freight movers provided at Peshawar terminal

Faisal Movers introduced all the necessary services that a passenger needs for travel. They introduced all those services at Peshawar Terminal. The following are some of the main services that they have offered at Peshawar Terminal.

Lounge services

Faisal Movers has introduced lounge services at Peshawar terminal for their passengers so that they can come before departure, wait in a peaceful and clean environment, and also enjoy canteen services at their terminal.

Cargo services

If you want to send your electric item, bike, and other items to any other cities in Pakistan, you can use their cargo service to send your packages and other things at a minimum cost.

Ticket booking service

At Peshawar Terminal, you also get ticket booking service. One method is to book their ticket online, but the other is to go physically and book their ticket. You can go to Peshawar terminal, and there you can find their ticket booking office, where you will be guided by their staff in your ticket booking.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I book a ticket faisal movers from Peshawar?

Booking faisal Movers tickets is very easy. There are following ways to book tickets.

  1. You can book an online ticket
  2. You can physically go to the Peshawar terminal, where you will find the ticket booking office. At terminal you will be guided by our staff.

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What destinations do movers operate from Peshawar?

Faisal movers operate various destinations from Peshawar, like Abbottabad, Islamabad, Mardan, Swat,Swat and many other destinations. You will be informed when you visit our website.

How do I give feedback or complain?

Giving feedback is a very simple process. You just have to our app, where you will get feedback options, or you can also give feedback on your website.

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Every person wants to travel with comfort, and during travel, they want to feel like home. for Movers has introduced all the necessary services that provide passenger comfort, and so that they will be satisfied with their service for their passengers, they have provided their terminal number to each and every passenger so that they can call on it and get all the necessary information related to their travel so they don’t get any type of problem.