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Faisal Movers Contact of Sadiqabad Terminal Now Updated

Faisal Movers Contact of Sadiqabad Terminal Now Updated which is 111-22-44-88 and faisal movers has built their name in the field of transport industry in Pakistan for many years. They serve people with honesty and make an effort to satisfy their customers with their services.

They build an extensive network all over Pakistan, even though they operate out of small towns. Sadiqabad terminal serves as a hub that connects your destination with them. If you are travelling from Sadiqabad terminal and looking for their official contact number, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with their contact number along with their terminal address.

Sadiqabad Terminal Contact Number and Address

To provide comfort and facilitate their customers, faisal Movers has provided their terminal address so that if any customer has any type of query, they can call, and terminal staff will give them a guide on everything that they want. Following are the contact number and terminal address.

Address of Terminal New General Bus Stand, Moon Cheema Filling Station, Sadiqabad

Helpline Number: 0315-6790597

UAN: 111-22-44-88

The importance of a terminal contact number

Having a terminal contact number is very important for customers. From where they are travelling, they can call their nearest terminal, and they will be p-to-date  on their journey, which includes their bus timing, luggage they can carry, and other information.

Services offered at Sadiqabad Terminal by faisal Movers

At the Saqdiq abad terminal, faisal Movers offers a wide range of facilities for their customers. They had provided different travel categories so the passenger could choose according to their budget and comfort level.

Ticket booking options:

Faisal movers have introduced many ticket booking methods for their customers so that they can choose the method that suits them. The first convenient method is physical ticket booking from Sadiqabad terminal. You have to go to the terminal where you can find the ticket counter, and our terminal staff will guide you in ticket booking. You can book a ticket on the date and time that suits you. The second ticket booking method is that you can book faisal Movers tickets online.

Faisal Movers Contact of Sadiqabad
Faisal Movers Contact of Sadiqabad

Additional services at Sadiqabad Terminal

Faisal movers know the services that a traveller needs before travelling, so for this purpose, they have added some additional services in their terminal like luggage ndling, a lounge, a cacanteen,ATM and taxi service for their passengers so that they can also get facilities before travelling.


Faisal Movers Sadiqabad Terminal not only serves as a terminal for travel so that customers come and go having many problems, but they also serve as a hub of amenities so that customers can get any thing that they want while travelling and they can get all the necessary things that a person needs during or before travelling so that their passengers can travel without any type of hurdle.

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The number that is provided above is given by the Faisal Movers Company so that their passengers can call and get information related to their travel journey, which includes ticket reservations, ticket bookings, bus schedules, and information related to other services that are necessary for them.

For ticket booking, Faisal Movers has introduced two ways: one, you can book a ticket physically by going to the terminal, and the second, you can book a ticket online by using the website that is given above. Hence, faisal Movers has provided each and every amenity for their customers so that they can travel without any problem.