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Daewoo Fastex cargo service for customers in 2024

Daewoo Fastex cargo service for customers in 2024 is now the most popular cargo service in Pakistan and is known for its cargo services and delivery of goods on time. They have been introduced since Daewoo Express introduced their transport services; since then, they have operated their cargo services. Traditionally, they transport goods on Daewoo buses, but due to the increase in demand for cargo services, they have introduced trucks that deliver goods safely and on time.

What is cargo service?

Cargo is a branch of logistics that transports your goods from one place to another with safety and plays an important role in the supply chain of every company.

Role of Daewoo Fastex Cargo Service

Daewoo Fastex Service is a renowed cargo service in Pakistan that provides their cargo services to their customers to deliver their goods safely from one place to another within a given time. They have an extensive and wide network of cargo services, and by using their services, you can transport your goods easily all over Pakistan.

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Features of Daewoo Fast Ex cargo service

Delivery on time

Daewoo Fastex service provides delivery within the given time. In normal days, their delivery will get delayed if there are any sit-ups or any other serious condition in the country, but their main goal is to deliver your parcel on the given time.

Safe handling and packaging

Cargo is a very import service; their first priority is to keep your parcel safe at any cost. They will pack your parcel with special material so that it will be safe and delivered as it is.

Low cargo charges

Daewoo Fastex service offers low cargo charges. Their cargo charges are lower than those of any other cargo company, and they provide the fastest delivery of cargo at very low charges.

Benefits of choosing Daewoo Fastex cargo services

There are many benefits to choosing Daewoo FastEx Service for your goods transport, but the following are some of the main benefits that you will get from choosing Daewoo FastEx cargo service:

  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Low charges
  • Door to door delivery
  • Safety and reliability

Daewoo Fastex online service

Daewoo Fastex Cargo Service has introduced their website and application, where you can track your parcel, have the option of real-time tracking, and also pay your payment online.

How to install their app:

Installing the Daewoo Fastex app is very easy; you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Play Store on your phone.
  • There you will see the search option: Daewoo Fastex.
  • After typing, you will see the app in the first position. Click on it.
  • When the app opens, there is an install option on your screen.
  • Click on the install option, and it will install on your phone.
  • After installing, open the app and create an account by entering your phone number.


In conclusion, Daewoo Fastex has made it easy for businesses to cargo their goods from one place to another. They have introduced many services that make it easy to transport goods safely from one place to another.