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Daewoo contact numbers of all cities updated 2024

Daewoo contact numbers of all cities updated 2024 for all daewoo service users and Daewoo Express is listed among the top Pakistani transport companies that are providing their services to their passengers. Due to their services and their owner management strategies, they are among the top Pakistani transport companies.

If you are looking to travel in Pakistan and want to travel with Daewoo Express and are looking for their terminal contact numbers so that you can get your journey and other information, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the contact numbers of Daewoo Express terminals so that you can call them and get the information you want. So let’s delve into the details.

Daewoo Express overview

Daewoo Express is a top-notch Pakistani transport company that has the most extensive network of transport in Pakistan for their passengers. Daewoo Express has been operating their services since 1997. Since then, they have been the top-leading company in the field of transport, providing luxury services to their passengers at very low ticket prices. Check other buses timings, contact and routes at faisal movers

They have luxury buses with different travel categories: standard, executive, and business class. Their buses have comfortable seats that will recline according to you and also have a message option that will keep you relaxed throughout the journey.

For entertainment, they have installed tablets in front of every seat so that their passengers do not get bored while travelling. During travel, they also offer refreshment that will keep passengers energised throughout the journey.

Founded in 1997
No buses 600+
Owner name Faisal Siddiqui
Terminals 50+
Wifi yes

Daewoo Express Terminals official contact numbers

Daewoo Express has allotted their terminal official contact number so that their passengers can call it and get all the necessary information they want. Following are the Daewoo Express official contact numbers.

City Name Terminal Contact Number
Faisalabad (041) 111 007 008
Multan 0335 4509024
Islamabad (051) 2892125
Lahore (042) 111 007 008
Karachi 0331 9933447
Sargodha (048) 111 007 008
Peshawar 0304 1117008
Swat (0946) 751040
Bahawalpur (062) 111 007 008
Abbottabad (0992) 384718
Murree 051-3412185
Sahiwal 0304 1117008
Mian Channu (065) 2665454
Haripur (0995) 610151
Sialkot 0311 4515620
Kohat (0922) 864050
Dera Ghazi Khan (064) 2472481
ChichaWatni 0306 8555509
Gujranwala (055) 111 007 008
Hyderabad 0333 4199249

How to contact Daewoo Express

Contacting Daewoo Express is very easy. To contact Daewoo Express, follow the following steps:.

  • Find their terminal number.
  • Dial their numbers.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • If the call was not attended by staff, recall
  • Speak clearly about your problem.
  • Ask questions related to your queries.

Their staff is professional, and they will do their best to solve your problem if you have any type of problem.

Benefits of having a Daewoo Express contact number

Having a transport company contact number for which you are travelling or want to travel is very important because you can get the following information:.

  • Bus schedule
  • Ticket reservation
  • Ticket booking
  • Lost and found service
  • Book cab
  • Travel information

How to use the Daewoo Express online ticket booking service

Booking a Daewoo Express online ticket is very easy; you just have to follow the following steps, and this will save you time and energy to visit the terminal.

  • Open the website, www.sastaticket.pk
  • There, you will see many options. Click on bus
  • After that you will see many transport companies along with Daewoo express
  • Click on Daewoo Express and select your ticket according to your preferred date and time.
  • After selecting the ticket, you will see the payment option. Select the payment option that suits you.
  • After payment, you will receive a ticket confirmation option.

Services offered by Daewoo Express for their passengers at their terminals

Daewoo Express has offered many luxury services for their passengers at their terminal so that they can travel very easily and comfortably.

  • Lounge services
  • Cab services
  • Luggage-carrying services
  • Canteen service
  • Luxury buses
  • Information desk
  • Ticket booking counter
  • Mosque
  • Cargo service

Daewoo Express pets policy

It is the trending question: Can customers bring pets on the bus? No Daewoo Express has a strict pet policy because of the following reasons:.

Comfort, safety, and peace are the first priorities of Daewoo Express during travel. If you are carrying a pet that is wild, it will be harmful to other passengers, and if the pet makes noise, it will also be uncomfortable for other passengers.

Another reason is that buses are airtight and there are fewer ways of ventilation, so fur on the body of the pet can cause allergies in other passengers.

So for these reasons, Daewoo Express does not allow anyone to carry pets with them on the bus.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

How do I cancel my bus ticket?

If you want to cancel your tickets, you have to inform us two days before travelling, and according to company policy, you will be charged 15 percent on your ticket cancellation.

Is there any discount service offered by Daewoo Express on tickets?

If you are travelling with a group, then you will be offered group discounts on your tickets.

Can customers bring pets on the bus?

No,customers cannot bring pets with them.

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Daewoo Express has allotted at each and every terminal their official contact numbers so that their passengers can contact them for their queries. Having a terminal contact number for the transport company to which you want to travel is also very important because it will give you several advantages that are discussed above. From all the discussion, we will conclude that Daewoo Express is the best company to travel with in Pakistan.