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Manthar Transport Ticket and Terminal in 2024

Manthar Transport Ticket and Terminal in 2024 is updated for all customers who are travelling all over Pakistan and now it become very easy with Manthar Transport company. Now you can travel all over Pakistan by sitting in luxury buses and experiencing luxury services.

If you are wondering where to travel in Pakistan and looking for a luxury transport company that provides comfortable travel, then Manthar Transport Company is the best option as faisal movers for you. In this article, I will provide you with all the necessary information related to Manthar Transport Company, so that will help you get all the necessary information that will help you in your travel. So let’s delve into the details.

Manthar Transport Company overview

Manthar Transport Company has been operating their transport services since 1984. From that time on, they became very popular in the field of transport and became customers first choice due to their services and commitment to excellence.

Manthar Express has 200+ buses with different travel categories; their buses are equipped with luxuries; their seats have a message option that gives you a relaxing message when you get tired of travelling; they have installed a tablet in front of every seat for their passengers entertainment so that they also do not get bored while travelling.

Following is some basic information about the Manthar Transport Company.

No buses 200+
Cities covered 35
Terminals 20
Headquarter Lahore
Founded in 1984

Routes operated by Manthar Transport Company

Manthar Transport Company has covered major cities and also some small towns so that their passengers can safely and easily reach their city without changing many buses. The following are some of the major routes covered by Manthar Transport Company:.

  • Karachi-Lahore
  • Sadiqabad-Karachi
  • Sadiqabad-Gujranwala
  • Bahawalpur-Faisalabad
  • Sadiqabad-Faisalabad
  • Sadiqabad-Sialkot
  • Sadiqabad, Sargodha
  • Islamabad-Sadiqbad
  • Bahawalpur-Narowal
  • Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot
  • Lahore-Sadiqabad
  • Bahawalpur-Quetta

Manthar Transport Company terminal address and terminal official contact numbers

Manthar Transport Company has allotted each and every terminal their official contact number so that their passengers can contact them if they have any type of query. The following are the addresses and contact numbers of Manthar Transport Company terminals.

City Address Contact number
Lahore Niazi Express Band Road, Lahore 03005709395
Faisalabad Subhan Travels, Station Chowk, Manthar Transport, Faislabad 0322 6044347
Sialkot Opposite general bus stand, jail road, Sialkot. 03005709395
Sadiqabad Ghosia Chowk, Manthar Terminal, and Sadiqabad 0300 5709395
Rahim Yar Khan Khanpur Adda, Khanpur Road, Manthar Terminal, Rahim Yar Khan 0302 9672595
Kot Samaba New Laari Adda, Manthar Terminal, Kot Samaba. 0302 8145111
Liaquat Pur Allah Wala Chowk, Manthar Terminal, Liaquat Pur. 0301 2879595
Khan Pur Dinpur Chowk, Manthar Transport, Khan Pur. 0300 8958495
Bahawalpur AC Terminal, Stand No. 8, BahawalPur. 0301 2464005
Ahmedpur Chacha Basti Chowk,Manthar Terminal, Ahmedpur Sharqia 0301 7776829
Karachi Sohrabgoth Sohrabgoth is near Supermarket Al Asif Square, Manthar Transport, Karachi. 0300 7048395
Karachi Cantt Daud Pota Road, G1G Building, Cant Station, Near Regency Hotel, Manthar Transport, Karachi 0305 3195171
Taranda Main Chowk, Near Chaudhry Bakeri, Taranda 0308 7470865
Sajah Main Bus Adda, Manthar, Sajah 0301 3984429
Shaikhupura Batti Chowk, Manthar Adda, and Shaikhupura 0301 4473541
Rawalpindi Pakeeza Travel, Peerwadai General Bus Stand, and Manthar Transport
New Darbar Travel, Mandi Mor, and Manthar Transport
Faizabad-Bahwalpur Express, Manthar Transport
Motorway Chowk, Manthar Transport, and Near Faisal Movers
0300 6506095
Toba Tek Singh Main Bus Stand: Toba Tek Singh 0303 7062253
Jehlum Main Bus Stand, Jehlum 0301 5830885
Mandi Bahaudin Main Bus Stand Mandi Bahaudin 0332 8038203
Gujranwala Manthar Main Bus Stand, Gujranwala 0307 6419375
Sargodha Main Bus Stand, Sargodha 0300 6020796
Bahawalnagar Main Bus Stand, Bahawalnagar 068 2274776
Chani Goth Main Bus Stand Chani Goth 0306 6955990

Ticket fares of the Manthar Transport Company for their passengers

Manthar Transport Company has introduced as many low fares as they can so that their passengers can travel within their budget and enjoy their luxury services. The following are the ticket fares for Manthar Transport Company.

From -To Via Fares
Sadiqabad to Lahore GT Road 2220/-
Sadiqabad to Lahore Motorway 2230/-
Sadiqabad to Rawalpindi Motorway 2450/-
Sadiqabad to Karachi KLP Road 2050/-
Sadiqabad to Jehlum Motorway 2260/-
Sadiqabad to Sialkot Motorway 2240/-
Rahim Yar Khan to Zafarwal High-way 2520/-
Liaqat Pur to Gujrat High-way 2030/-
Liaqat Pur to Quetta Bhawalpur 2510/-
Karachi to Lahore Sadiqabad-Multan 3850/-
Lahore to Karachi High-way 3050/-
Karachi to Rahim Yar Khan Sukkur, Ghotki, and Sadiqabad 2470/-
Rawalpindi to Sadiqabad Motorway 2460/-
Bhawalpur to Quetta Sadiqabad 2550/-
Bhawalpur to Narowal Sadiqabad 2330/-
Bhawalpur to Sargodha Sadiqabad 2270/-
Ahmedpur Sharqia to Shekhupora High-way 2020/-
Liaqat Pur to Faisalabad Sadiqabad 2120/-
Liaqat Pur to Quetta Bhawalpur 2530/-
Manthar Transport Ticket
Manthar Transport Ticket

Manthar Transport Company bus schedule

Routes First Departure Last Departure Travel Duration
Sadiqabad to Sialkot 9:10 AM 11:05 PM 8 Hours
Sadiqabad to Lahore 9:05 AM 11:05 PM 07 Hours
Karachi to Lahore 10:05AM 11:05 PM 11 Hours, 45 Minutes
Bahwalpur to Quetta 10:10 AM 12:05 AM 10 Hours, 35 Minutes
Khanpur to Narowal 10:10 AM 08:05PM 07 hours, 40 minutes

Services offered by Manthar Transport Company

Manthar Transport Company has introduced each and every amenities for their passengers that are necessary for their comfortable travel. Following are some of the services offered by Manthar Transport Company.


Manthar Transport Company has installed WiFi in their buses so that their passengers can connect with their friends and family through social media and do not get tired while travelling.

Low-ticket fares

Manthar Transport Company has introduced very low ticket fares with many luxuries so that their passengers can get luxury services at low ticket fares.

Professional staff

Staff is an integral part of any transport service that deals with their passengers queries and any type of  problem. The have hired professional staff that will treat you in a professional way and do their best to solve their problem.

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Modern buses

Manthar Transport Company has introduced modern buses on their routes so that their passengers can travel in a comfortable way without getting tired. Their buses are equipped with modern options, like comfortable seats with a message and a recline option. For entertainment purposes, they have installed tablets in front of every seat so that their passengers can enjoy their journey while watching dramas, movies,movies and listening to songs and Islamic lectures.

Discount on tickets

If you are travelling in a group or are a daily traveler with Manthar Transport Company, you can get a huge amount of discounts on your tickets.


Manthar Transport Company knows very well the value of time, so they ensure that their passengers can reach their destination within time. They also ensure departure on time.