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Faisal movers Sleeper bus

Faisal movers sleeper bus Ticket price and Routes

Faisal movers sleeper bus Ticket price and Routes For long distances, people find places to rest so that they can take a nap and recharge for their journey. Faisal movers has noticed this problem: people want a comfortable trip where they can rest during their trip. For this purpose, they have introduced their bus service known as Faisal Movers Sleeper Bus, which is introduced by Faisal Movers for their passengers so that they can travel more comfortably.

Faisal movers has introduced a unique service that offers the facility of a bed and all other luxury amenities for their passengers to restful sleep during travel. This service is for those passengers who have to travel a 15-hour journey so that they can reach their destination feeling refreshed.

What is sleeper movers bus?

Daewoo bus service has already introduced sleeper bus service for their passengers since 1.1 year ago. Now faisal movers has introduced this service, which is similar to Daewoo express bus service. Sleeper buses are designed and manufactured in Pakistan according to the roads and their passengers needs. The bus is designed in such a way that they have mattresses, pillows, curtains, and especially the environment that they have provided in the bus for sleeping. Unlike traditional buses, which have seats for sitting, in this bus, seats are replaced by comfortable beds that allow a passenger to sleep peacefully throughout their journey.

Facilities of faisal Movers, Sleepers, and Bus Service

The sleeper bus is equipped with all the amenities that a passenger needs while travelling. This service contains all the amenities, which are more luxuries than any other travel category. Following are the main services that are introduced by faisal Movers in their sleeper bus service.

  • Bed: They had replaced traditional seats with beds so that passengers could take restful sleep while travelling.
  • Mattresses: They have provided comfortable mattresses for their passengers.
  • Pillows: soft pillows provided by the company will enhance your comfort.
  • Curtains: for your privacy, they have installed curtains so that your privacy will not be disturbed by other passengers.
  • Air conditioning and heating: to make the environment comfortable for you, they have introduced an AC and heating system.
  • Charging outlets: to charge your electronic gadgets, they have installed charging outlets.
  • Entertainment system: the most important thing is the entertainment system. They have installed tablets that you can use for entertainment while travelling.
  • Reading lights: If you want to read a book while travelling, they have installed reading lights for you.
  • Blankets: in winter, blankets provide to sleep well in bus.
  • Refreshment services:during travel, to keep passengers energized, refreshment services are also introduced.
  • Clean restrooms: hygiene and cleanliness are the first priorities of faisal movers; they have neat and clean restrooms for passengers.

Faisal movers sleeper bus routes

Sleeper bus service is not available for all the cities in Pakistan; there are few cities to benefit from this service. It is now only available for some specific routes, like Karachi to Lahore and Sadiqabad to Karachi.

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Sadiqabad to Karachi route

The sleeper bus is only introduced on two routes: Lahore to Karachi and Sadiqabad to Karachi. The bus passes through the route of Rahim Yar Khan and then stops at the Iqbalabad Motorway so that their bus passengers can have some meals. After that, it goes from the route of Mooro and Hyderabad to reach Karachi.

Lahore-Karachi route

The journey starts from Lahore at 10 a.m. The journey starts from Lahore and moves forward, then stops at the Iqbalabad Motorway so that passengers have some meals. After following the route, they stop at Sukkur, which is the last stop, and then they move forward to reach Karachi by crossing Mooro and then Hyderabad.

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Bus schedule

The bus departs at 10 a.m. from Lahore and Sadiqabad to reach Karachi. You have the option of booking tickets both online and in person.

Sleeper bus ticket price

DepartureArrivalTicket Price
LahoreKarachiRs. 8240
LahoreSadiqabadRs. 3530
SadiqabadKarachiRs. 3850
LahoreHyderabadRs. 8220
LahoreRaheem Yar KhanRs. 3560
SadiqabadRaheem Yar KhanRs. 3850
LahoreSukkurRs. 8240

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is sleeper bus service available in all the cities?

No, for now, they only have routes like Sadiqabad to Lahore and Lahore to Karachi.

How do I book a sleeper bus ticket?

You can book their ticket online as well.

What is the helpline number for Sleeper Bus Service?

The helpline number for Sleeper Bus Service is +92 3111224488.

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