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Faisal Movers Sarghoda contact, Ticket, Fares rate 2024

Faisal Movers Sarghoda contact, Ticket, Fares rate 2024 is mentioned below and contact number is 048-111-22-44-88 and faisal movers are best in the field of transportation and customer satisfaction by providing the best customer service is what makes a transport company attractive to customers. Faisal Movers is the top leading transportation company in Pakistan. It was started in 2004 with only 1 bus on the Multan to Sarghoda route.

Now, in 2024, they have more than 601 buses with many travel categories that a person can choose from according to their budget. This this rapidly growth of the company happens because of their management strategies and customer service. If you are looking for faisal movers Sarghoda Terminal contact number, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with their contact number along with their terminal address that will help you reach the terminal.

Faisal Movers Sarghoda Terminal Contact Number Updated and Address

Address of Terminal: 47 Adda, Near Daewoo Terminal

Helpline Number: 0310-9224488

UAN (Universal Access Number): 048-111-22-44-88

How to connect with faisal Movers

Connecting with movers is very easy. You can connect with us by using two conventional methods, and our customer service agent will respond to you quickly and try to solve your problem.

  1. Phone call: You can contact us by using your official phone number, and your team will quickly respond to you and help you with your query.
  2. App: You can  our official app from the Play Store. We have added a chat option for you. If you have any type of problem, you can send a message and our team will respond to you.
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    Faisal Movers Sarghoda contact, Ticket, Fares rate 2024
    Faisal Movers Sarghoda contact, Ticket, Fares rate 2024

Faisal Movers Sarghoda Terminal Contact Number Updated

Why do we choose faisal Movers among other transport services?

It is the question of most of the customers who have not experienced faisal movers services. Choosing faisal Movers is a good decision for the customers because of their services. The following are the services that provide:

  1. Faisal movers offers different travel categories for their customers, so they can choose them according to their comfort and budget.
  2. Faisal Movers offers low-ticket fares compared to other transport companies.
  3. Faisal movers have professional staff and bus hosts that will assist you politely.
  4. Faisal movers offers lounge services where you can get refreshed in a neat and clean area.
  5. Faisal movers offers online ticket booking services for their customers so they can book tickets from their home.
  6. Faisal movers offer their transport services in small towns.
  7. Check online ticket booking

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats are there in the movers standard class category?

The standard bus category for faisal Movers is 45-seater.

Is Faisal Movers Sarghoda Terminal Contact Number Updated?

Yes it is updated.

Is faisal moving to provide leg space in business class?

Yes,leg space is available in the movers business class category.

How much time will it take to reach Islamabad from Sarghoda?

It will take 2 hours and 35 minutes to reach from Islamabad to Sardhoda.

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Based on their customer service and customer reviews, we can conclude that Faisal Movers is the top-leading and rolling transport industry in Pakistan, which explains their rapid growth. If we analyse their services, we will be amazed that they are providing a lot of luxury services at very low prices compared to other transport industries. Even their standard class category is more luxurious than any other transport service business class.