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Faisal Movers Lahore contact number

Faisal Movers Lahore contact number for those who want to travels from Lahore to other cities via faisal movers. Faisal Movers was founded in 1994 as a logistics company and started its first bus services in 2001 on the Sargodha to Mulan route. They gradually expanded their business, and now they are ruling the transport business industry. The main reason for growing our company is our customer service.

If you are looking for the contact number Jinnah terminal Lahore, you are at the right place, and additionally, we will provide you with the address of the terminal that will help you reach the terminal. In this article, we have discussed everything about Jinnah Terminal, along with the terminal number and address, so read carefully and you will get a lot of information.

Why to choose Faisal Movers?

Faisal movers are known as the kings of the transportation industry in Pakistan. Faisal Movers started with a single bus in 2004 on the Sarghoda to Multan route, and due to its excellent services for the customers, they now operate as a group of companies in Pakistan. There are a lot of reasons to choose faisal movers because they are very active service provider. 

The primary reason to choose Faisal Movers is their travel services, luxury buses, and affordable ticket prices. They provided the most luxurious buses for their customers; they will give comfort like your home while travelling. Another customer service they provide is that their staff treats you in a very decent and humble way. You will be really impressed by them and feel like a VIP.

Address and contact number of Jinnah Terminal:

Address of Terminal: Jinnah Terminal, Thokar Niaz Baig

Helpline Number: 0311-1224488

UAN (Universal Access Number): 042-111-22-44-88

For ticket booking services

Faisal Movers Lahore contact number
Faisal Movers Lahore contact number

Ways to get in touch with us

If you want to contact us or get in touch with us, we have provided two ways for your customers to do so. First, you can call us on your UAN. There, you will get all the information you want: ticket prices, timing of the buses, terminal addresses,contact numbers, and other details that you want.

Both methods that we provided for our customers are user-friendly. If you want to call directly to your terminal, you will be entertained by your customer care agent, who will provide all the necessary information that you want. If you choose to connect with us through our app service, we will provide a chat option for you, and you will get all the information related to your tour.

Benefits of travelling with us

Following are the benefits that you will get if you travel with your company.

  • Lounge services (canteen, sitting area, neat and clean environment)
  • Bus hostess that will guide you
  • Luxurious buses with comfortable seats that have many options (like massage, arm rests, foot rests, and tabs for entertainment)
  • One-time food and refreshment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get the contact number of Faisal Movers?

You can easily get the contact number of the Faisal Movers given in the above table in your article.

Is Faisal Movers providing a neat and clean lounge area for executive class?

Yes, Faisal Movers provides a neat, clean lounge area for the executive class as well.

Is Faisal movers providing food while travelling?

Yes, our company will provide one-time food during long journeys and refreshment for travellers on short journeys.

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Faisal Movers is the transport company that has ruled the transport industry in Pakistan since 2004. They started with a single bus on Sargodha to Mulan Road, and due to its services, they have now become a group of companies known for their excellence and their customer service.

I hope this article will provide you with a lot of information regarding Faisal Movers Company, along with their contact numbers and terminal addresses at Jinnah Terminal Lahore. This will help you a lot in selecting a travel company for your comfortable travel in the luxury buses of Faisal Movers. If you have any type of question, ask it in the comment section.