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Faisal Movers contact Numbers

Faisal Movers contact Numbers is one of the easiest ways to check seats, booking information and ticketing. Faisal Movers is the top leading transport company in Pakistan and has been the leading transport companies in Pakistan for many years because of their customer services. The main aim of their service is to provide comfort and ease to their customers.

If a passenger is facing any type of difficulty during travel or any problem related to staff or you want any type of information through customer care, they have a dedicated team that will listen to you at any time, provide you with all the necessary information that you want, and try to overcome your difficulty. If you are looking for the contact number of Faisal Movers offices all over Pakistan, then you are at the right place. In this article we will try to convey you all the contact information of faisal movers.

Faisal Movers contact Numbers of different cities in Pakistan:

Faisalabad office number

UAN: 041-2636276

Mobile Number: 0315-8679444

Multan office number

UAN: 061-4517080

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Islamabad office number

UAN: 091-111224488

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Lahore office number

UAN: 091-111224488

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Rawalpindi office number

UAN: 091-111224488

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Peshawar office number

UAN: 091-111224488

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Sadiqabad office number

UAN: 068-6790597

Mobile number: 0315-6790597

Khanewal office number

UAN: 065-2557111

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Rahim Yar Khan office number

UAN: 068-5887797

Mobile number: 0315-9725597

Sukkur office number

UAN: 024-3558297

Mobile number: 0314-6615597

Swat office number

UAN: 046-111224488

Mobile number: 0343-0224488

Sahiwal office number

UAN: 040-4502960

Mobile number: 0311-7119999

Karachi office number

UAN: 021-111224488

Mobile number: 03111224488

Bahawalpur office number

UAN: 062-2888358

Mobile number: 0311-1224488


Faisal Movers contact numbers
Faisal Movers contact numbers

How to book a ticket by Faisal Movers contact Numbers

See the faisal Movers contact Numbers for booking a ticket it is a very easy and simple process. You only need a few pieces of information, which is

UAN: 111-22-44-88

Mobile Phone Number: 0311-1224488

By using these three ways to communicate with us, you can easily contact us. By using any of these, we will adopt a modern approach to make your travel experience more convenient.

Faisal Movers has introduced another way to book online tickets that will save you time to go and physically buy tickets. You can check ticket prices according to your time and budget, and by putting your details there, you can book your ticket easily.

Faisal Movers contact Numbers with Frequently Asked Questions

In which year did Faisal Movers start their bus services?

In 2004, they started their bus service.

Who is the CEO of Faisal Movers Bus Service?

Khwaja Ahmad Shahzad is the CEO of Faisal Movers Bus Services.

Contact number of Faisal Movers Lahore Terminal?

UAN: 091-111224488

Mobile number: 0311-1224488

Is Faisal Moving also providing cargo services?

Yes, Faisal movers also provide cargo services for their customers.

Benefits of Travelling with Familiar Movers

The main aim of Filipino movers is to provide comfort and ease to their customers, even if they are travelling with standard class services. They will get all the necessary amenities.

Also see:https://faisalmover.com.pk/faisal-movers-ticket-price/

By travelling with Faisal Movers, you can experience the following benefits:

  • One-time meal
  • Neat and clean lounge
  • Cooperative staff
  • On-board entertainment
  • It is simple to book your ticket by visiting their website or personally visiting their office.
  • The bus will stop during prayer time.


Getting Faisal Movers contact Numbers is very easy. In our article, we have provided all the necessary information that you can use to contact Faisal Movers for your complaints, queries, and ticket bookings. They made it very easy to contact them for any type of inquiry, whether by phone call or by visiting their website. Their team will quickly respond to you and try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

For their customer ease, they have made the ticket-buying process very easy. They has introduced online ticket booking services for ticket booking, You just have to visit their website, which is mentioned above, and you can easily get all the necessary details that are necessary for your ticket booking. You can also enter your card details, and after payment, you can confirm your ticket without any hassle.